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sleepers was originally a project in Belfast that involved the collaboration of around forty people. An event was advertised inviting people to come to an open park area in Belfast and bring a blanket on which they could sleep. A professional photographer took a series of slides of which one was used as part of my solo exhibition in The Old Museum arts centre, Belfast in July 2002. The slide was projected so that it filled the back wall of the blacked out gallery space. The roof of the space is pitched and the image was cropped so that it met the edges of the back wall exactly. The wooden gallery floor was lined with carpet pieces and then laid over with the blankets that had been used in the event and photograph. The exhibition lasted for six weeks and over the course of this time, the image became increasingly saturated, giving it a dream like quality. This exhibition was reviewed in The Newsletter and in Circa Art Magazine.

The concept for the work developed out of my research into liminal states and sleepers aimed to reclaim the reclining body from a surveyed, passive, feminised and objectified position (Sleeping Beauty / Snow White) by offering the opportunity to become a sleeper. In early western folk tales, the sleeper, who may be either male or female, is characterised in an active role as the one who dreams the world into being and who lies dormant, full of potential, until the time is ripe for reawakening. In this reading the sleeper is not an object but a subject with multiple possibilities for becoming.

It had been my intention for some time to develop this project into a short film, and when I moved to Pembrokeshire, I decided to locate in the 8000 year old wood Ty Canol, near Newport. The project has been carried out in conjunction with Creative Mwldan and Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan. The filming and event took place in April 2006, involving around 70 participants, and the footage will be edited later this year for my solo exhibition at Oriel Mwldan in March 2007. The film will also be screened at the cinema in Theatr Mwldan as part of the Film Society programme on Sunday 25th February 2007. For more information about the exhibition at Oriel Mwldan go to


image of a girl sleeping in a wood

image of people sleeping in a wood


panorama of people sleeping in a wood

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