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Between 1997-1999, I worked as a co-director of Catalyst Arts, an artist run space in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Catalyst was established by a group of MA graduates form the University of Ulster in 1994 in order to provide a platform for experimental work across a range of disciplines, including performance, installation, film and public art. Catalyst has a rolling committee of between 5-7 people, who work for the organisation for a maximum of 2 years. Below are a small selection of projects run by Catalyst during the time that I was a co-director. For more information about Catalyst, go to


image of a room filled with water

image of a tent with a hand poiting upward

image of a room with cinema seats

This work by Reiko Aoyagi was installed in an empty shop unit in Belfast in September 1999. Reiko created three structures from wood and plastic sheeting that were then filled with water, creating a mirror like reflective surface.

The Land of Milk and Honey was a group exhibition exploring belief systems and included work by Grace Murdoch, Paul Carter, Simon Faithfull, Andrea Stanislav and Ian Breakwell. This image is from Paul Carter's Waiting for the Hand of God

For La Scala, the committee collaborated with curator Toby Webster to turn the gallery into a cinema for a month, showing a variety of films every day for free. In the downstairs gallery, Catalyst members were invited to loan their favourite video recordings for others to watch.

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